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Effects of the US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement

Obama (Source: Global Trade Review) The US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (TPA) came into effect on 1 February 2009. The Office of the USA Trade Representative claims that from 2009-2013 total trade between the countries increased from $9-16 billion. However, this … Continue reading

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Foreign Direct Investment in Peru

Machu Picchu (Source: The Market Mogul) Peru has the fastest growing economy in South America, averaging 6.4% GDP growth over the last ten years. However, growth has slowed in the last year due to a reduction in metal prices, the … Continue reading

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Latin American Politics Still a Risk for Foreign Investment

Puyehue Volcano (Source: Dealbook) In 2007 the private equity firm Leadgate purchased 75% of the Uruguayan national airline Pluna for $15 million (the other 25% remained nationalised). The airline originally flourished under the three Argentinian co-founders of Leadgate but an … Continue reading

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